VIDEO: Quaker Oats launches ‘Go Forridge’ campaign by BBDO

Breakfast time has gotten wee bit more adventurous as Quaker Oats launches it porridge-topping campaign, ‘go forridge’.

The PepsiCo-owned brand has partnered with creative agency, AMV BBDO, to launch the new advertising campaign.

The activity, which broke in January, will run for two months. It’s focused on inspiring the nation to get imaginative with their porridge toppings and flavour combinations.

Quaker Oats’ ad spots 

‘Go Forridge’ features a 30-second TV commercial, in addition to social and digital media. The ad sees breakfast eaters exploring the taste possibilities that lay just a few feet away in their own cupboards.

The campaign aims to convert those that don’t think of porridge as their go-to for breakfast as a viable option.

This addresses the finding that, although Quaker is the second largest brand within the cereals category, 55% of those looking for breakfast simply don’t think about porridge.

Health without compromise

Elizabeth Ashdown, UK senior marketing manager for Quaker, said: “Our new ‘Go Forridge’ campaign was borne out of the insight that consumers want to be healthy, but they don’t want to compromise on taste or spend ages creating the perfect breakfast.

“They want shortcuts to better choices and a delicious healthy breakfast to be more effortless.”

“This campaign marks a shift in creative direction for the brand, which is centred much more on emotion. It injects some personality into breakfast time with moments of observational humour that we can all relate to in our own kitchens.”

Exciting and different

Brenda Frixa, managing partner at AMV BBDO, said: “Quaker have moved their brand on significantly with the new ‘Go Forridge’ campaign, from predictable category advertising to something that feels exciting and different.

“This work will inspire a new generation of porridge eaters to have a go a creating their own delicious toppings.”

Quaker is also launching an on-pack promotion, exclusive to sachets, that gives shoppers the opportunity to win an Amazon Echo Show 5, every day.

AMV has created assets for VOD, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and an Alexa skill.

If anyone’s asking, our fave porridge topping is Marmite – honest, it’s delish!