VIDEO: Mediastarz: Nick Tearle, Founder E1MA on the events market

Tearle Nick

E1 Media Agency Founder Nick Tearle loves to thump it on the dance floor, but he’s had other things on his mind lately.

From Wimbledon and the Olympics, to Glastonbury and Noisily, events around the world have been devastated by the COVID19 pandemic.

Not only has it created huge headaches for organisers and fans around the world. There are major economic impacts as well; not least on the companies and agencies that support the events market.

London-based E1MA specialises in the events sector and supports popular dance gigs like Noisily.

Nick Tearle

We caught up with Nick on a Zoom call to gauge how is the industry and the media firms that support it are navigating the worst scenario in their history?

Nick told us that while the sector is reeling, it is responding, innovating and hopeful that things will normalise soon.

We also asked what was going on behind the scenes of the sector and what alternatives were being planned?

Nick also talked us through how brands were responding to the impact on the market and how his company is holding its own amid the pandemic and lockdown.

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