VIDEO: Channel 4 releases the cutest clips ahead of new Supervet series

Much loved pet series Supervet returns to Channel 4 this Thursday (9 January) and it’s released three fab teasers for us to savour until then.

In the opening episode, top British veterinarian Dr Noel Fitzpatrick has his hands full again.

Pets in pain

Dr Noel is presented with both cat and dog conundrums. The first clip features much-loved feisty Elmo.

This ‘intact’ boss cat is usually full of machismo, they tell us. But he’s been hit by a car and now needs expert emergency surgery as well as lots of tlc to restore him.

It’s heart-wrenching and we can only hope Elmo’s tale has a happy ending. He’s also going to be castrated, but, shh! Don’t mention that to him.

The second and third clips show young Rough Collie Merida.

She’s only six months old, but despite her youth she’s sadly already suffering from a developmental problem that renders her unable to walk properly.

Can she get back on her feet? Aw we really hope so.