Vegan egg audience insight produces stand-out results from Sky TV campaign

Vegan egg Crackd TV Ad sky

Sky AdSmart has announced a recent TV campaign for the vegan egg replacement achieved the greatest increase in brand awareness Sky has seen across the platform.

Vegan egg campaign

Working with agencies CNS Media and Regital, Skyrise Intelligence provided data and insight for Crackd the No-Egg Egg to inform media activation on its biggest national multi-channel marketing campaign running on TV, OOH, digital, social media and press.

The impact intelligent data from mobile networks is having across advertising was further enhanced following post-campaign reporting on Crackd the No-Egg Egg. 

Aimed at raising awareness of the brand in the vegan community, aggregated and anonymised mobile network data was used to inform media buying based on areas that index highly as both vegan hotspots near a high performing Crackd stockist.

The campaign received standout results from Sky AdSmart.

Lucy Pullinger, Insight & Research Executive at Sky TV, said: “With an increase of 17.4% in prompted brand awareness the Crackd campaign has set up a new record for Sky. 

“We have done over 182 brand evaluations and the Crackd TV ad achieved the greatest increase in prompted brand awareness. 

“Plus, it had a 14.9% uplift on aided advertising recall 317% higher than the usual benchmark.”

Speaking about the campaign data Jonny Whitehead, Director of Skyrise Intelligence said “We are delighted that as a result of the campaign more people are now aware of how easy it is to use Crackd the No-Egg Egg. 

“We are especially pleased that the results show underpinning campaigns with agile intelligent datasets are allowing progressive agencies like CNS Media and Regital to help challenger brands achieve maximum reach and awareness for a fraction of the cost of traditional less agile models.”