Valentin Haüy launches disability campaign by We Are Social


Socially-led creative agency, We Are Social France, has launched ‘A Job for Me’ campaign for the Valentin Haüy Association to expose the challenges faced in the workplace by blind or visually impaired individuals.

The film will be aired during European Disability Employment Week (20-26 November, 2023), which takes place this week.

Valentin Haüy

The ‘A Job for Me’ film created by We Are Social France uses humour to highlight the difficulties faced by visually impaired individuals when searching for work covering everything from non-adapted job advertisements to companies’ reluctance to hire them.

Today in France, 70% of visually impaired individuals are unemployed – an alarming figure that illustrates the uphill battle faced by many individuals in finding employment.

With this film, the Valentin Haüy association aims to raise awareness among the general public and recruitment companies so that real equal opportunities for employment can finally exist.

The Valentin Haüy Association has been supporting visually impaired individuals for over 130 years to help them gain autonomy through accessible training or professional reintegration programs, offering real job prospects.

Valentin Haüy was a noted French academic. A man of languages, he was a professor at the Academic Writing Office and the king’s interpreter for the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese languages.

Shocked by a spectacle given by young blind people at the Saint Ovide Fair, where they were widely mocked, he decided to mobilise in favour of blind or visually impaired people.