Val Morgan Digital reduces CO2 emissions via SeenThis tech


Adaptive streaming technology platform SeenThis and Australian media stable Val Morgan Digital have successfully minimised carbon emissions over the past six months.

The firms said that the SeenThis’ Emissions Dashboard showed that the publisher has avoided over 800kg of CO2e since 1 April this year, when its team first implemented the groundbreaking technology.

Val Morgan Digital

Val Morgan Digital now uses SeenThis technology across its Buzzfeed, Fandom, The Latch and POPSUGAR brands, and revealed today that, having switched from conventional technology, it has avoided an estimated 837kg of CO2e compared to running creatives of corresponding quality since April this year.

“That is equivalent to flying 2,937km – roughly the distance that would take you from Val Morgan Sydney HQ to Fiji,” said Brian Florido, Managing Director, Val Morgan Digital.

“Across our diverse portfolio of brands, we reach 4.1 million 14- to 39-year-olds every month. Recognising our responsibility to this demographic, we’re committed to taking substantial measures and implementing initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and do our part to protect their future.

“Our journey towards sustainability aligns seamlessly with our belief in the power of communities which we’ve built our network upon.”

The Emissions Dashboard was launched earlier this year to enable advertisers to track both campaign performance and carbon emissions.

Clients of the adaptive streaming technology company are able to see emission reports at campaign, creative and agency level.

Insights include data transfer, carbon footprint from creative delivery, estimated eliminated data waste and associated avoided emissions, with all campaigns tracked by default.

Steve Alpe, Partnerships Director ANZ, SeenThis, said: “We are all about combining performance with sustainability and transparency – maximising performance while minimising emissions.

“For us, ad optimisation means lightning-fast loading which grabs users’ attention, hand in hand with fewer wasted impressions and more efficient use of resources.

“To this end, our Emissions Dashboard enables clients to download reports assessing aggregate savings or looking at specific creatives.

“SeenThis streaming is one of the few options marketers have at their fingertips today to reduce their energy consumption in campaigns and drive lower CO2 emissions, and the Emission Dashboards help measure this.”

SeenThis has been investigating the relationship between data transfer and CO2 emissions for some time, leading to the publishing of a whitepaper and the creation of its emissions calculator.