Uswitch ads give modern gizmos a stunning 1960s spin

uswitch_Retro Posters1

Price comparison site Uswitch has created an eye-catching set of adverts for modern gizmos, with a fab 1960s twist.

“As a consumer in 2020, we are bombarded thousands of adverts a day, a stark contrast to the simpler times of the 1960s”, Uswitch said.

Uswitch reimagines

The company said it wanted to reimagine what adverts for iPhones, FitBits and Alexas would have looked like 60 years ago. You can see the whole lot here.

uswitch_Retro Posters2
Back to the 60s: It’s almost as if mobiles were a part of everyday life even back then.

As you can see, they look pretty awesome. Our favourites are the iPhone and the Alexa ads; though we would have loved to see a bit more diversity in there, too.

Uswitch noted that the 1960s was a key decade for technology; one which heralded the invention of the first ever computer mouse, the first games console and LED lighting.

“It was also the ‘Golden Age of Advertising’ when Mad Men created charming adverts that would sell these and other new wonder products such as vacuum cleaners and dishwashers to the world.”

The poster series starts with the iPhone and plays on the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This has been reworked into: “An iPhone a day keeps the boredom away!”

“With more processing power than the rocket that launched Sputnik, Apple’s latest iPhone is this year’s most wanted gizmo”, the ad reads.

“A record player, library and television set in one, the iPhone also supports electronic mail and social networking, putting the whole world in the palm of your hand.”

uswitch_Retro Posters3
Alexa dahling: Personal digital assistants were all the rage back in the 1960s, dontcha know?

Hive offers a “warm welcome”

Next up is home home utilities management technology Hive.

“You’ll always get a warm welcome with intelligent central heating from Hive”, the ad reads.

The blurb explains: “After a long, hard day at the office, nobody wants to come home to a cold house.

“Well, with the new smart thermostat from Hive, you can control your heating from absolutely anywhere.

Hive will even send you helpful reminders when you’ve gone out and left the heating on, so no more wasting money heating an empty home!”

The rest of the products and adverts can be viewed here. We like this campaign because it puts very ‘now’ products in a completely different historical marketing context.