Upcoming French filmmaker Laetitia Ramamonjisoa joins Birth UK

Laëtitia Ramamonjisoa Birth

BIRTH UK has signed young French-Malagasy director and photographer Laëtitia Ramamonjisoa.

Ramamonjisoa is an exceptional rising star whose films captivate viewers with her unique poetic aesthetic, humanity and mesmeric imagery. 

Until recently part of the Kourtrajmeuf (KTM) female collective that directed impressive films for Nike, Reebok and Givenchy, she is now embarking on a solo career with BIRTH UK.

Laëtitia Ramamonjisoa

Growing up between Madagascar and Paris, Ramamonjisoa developed her singular creative vision at a young age. 

She wrote stories and made personal films on subjects ranging from family identity and multiculturalism to climate change. 

Her grandmother, the acclaimed writer, poet and activist Charlotte Arrisoa Rafenomanjato, was a great inspiration. 

You can view her film reel here.

Ramamonjisoa studied environmental engineering for four years in France, worked as an environmentalist in Madagascar and to this day continues to use filmmaking to talk about climate issues.

In 2019, she was selected in an open competition to study at the renowned Kourtrajmé film school. 

Spotting her early promise, the school’s founder Ladj Ly, Oscar-nominated, Cannes-winning film director of Les Misérables, said: “When I met Laëtitia I knew that she had a whole universe to open up.”

“As I begin my solo career with BIRTH UK, I look forward to creating artistic immersive experiences that elevate emotions and harness humanity”, Ramamonjisoa said. 

“I really enjoy creating unique rhythms in my films by mixing genres, giving huge space to the sound and working on powerful acting performances.”

Indeed, using the power of art to communicate lyrically about social issues and to promote change, Ramamonjisoa’s absorbing short film IMANI reveals the moving story of a tsunami survivor applying for France’s climate refugee programme.

Both Ramamonjisoa’s commercials for luxury brands and IMANI exhibit her skill as a story-teller with an exceptional mastery of colour, light and rhythm. 

As BIRTH UK EP, Kate Elson, said: “Laëtitia is a rare and precious talent. Viewers connect deeply with her beautiful, immersive work thanks to arresting performances set within a brilliantly crafted visual world. 

“She is a huge part of fulfilling my ambition for BIRTH UK to support a diverse roster of exceptional creatives.”

In January, BIRTH UK signed award-winning directors Rafa Damy and Devon Ferguson, both of whom have already shot their first films with the production company. 

Megan Leigh Wright’s recent appointment as Head of New Business further reflects its growing ambitions.