Unruly launches content-level targeting to enhance CTV/video inventory

unruly content-level targeting - mediashotz

Unruly, a global video and Connected TV (CTV) programmatic advertising platform, has introduced a content-level targeting solution for publishers.

The solution segments inventory based on publisher bidstream attributes that mirror linear TV buys, such as genre and rating. 

It brings standardisation to the programmatic Over-the-Top TV (OTT) and CTV ecosystem, and will serve publishers who are increasingly looking to meet buyers’ needs for contextual targeting opportunities, as spend moves from linear to digital environments.

Content-level targeting

At launch, 26 segments are supported based on content attributes such as content genre and rating.

Unruly’s proprietary methodology evaluates the direct publisher partner data and simplifies the content-level attributes into scalable deals for buyers. 

Publishers can also leverage Unruly’s Private Marketplace (PMP) platform, CTRL, to package inventory to more effectively meet growing buyer demand for privacy-conscious, publisher first-party targeting solutions across CTV and video.

In turn, buyers gain scaled access to deals leveraging TV-like content attributes passed through the bidstream. 

Buyers can activate through Unruly’s direct DSP integrations and via Tremor Video, the demand side of Tremor International’s end-to-end platform.

“As interest in OTT ad opportunities grows year-over-year, publishers want to meet buyer needs for contextual targeting opportunities on OTT supply but lack the framework to pass this content data in standardised ways,” said Karim Rayes, Chief Product Officer, Tremor International. 

“Content-level targeting gives publishers control over the segmentation and packaging of their inventory, but it ultimately brings benefits to both sides of Tremor’s end-to-end platform.

“Standardising content in this way maximises publishers’ inventory value, while buyers can broaden CTV campaigns across their desired categories.”

Unruly said it is planning to further expand support for content attributes in the coming months to include language and IAB content category, in addition to providing self-service forecasting, reporting and insights tools in support of these new attributes.