Unmentionable Stains: Cleanipedia gets dirty with new MullenLowe campaign


Integrated communications agency MullenLowe and cleaning solutions experts Cleanipedia today announce the launch of a new campaign – Unmentionable Stains.

Unmentionable Stains

When it comes to accidental stains caused by the likes of grass or coffee, consumers have no problem asking others for stain removal advice.

While there are ample suggestions available on how to remove these sorts of stains, the data shows what people really need is advice on the stains no one seems to openly talk about… the stains caused by bodily fluids.

As a challenger brand in a highly competitive category, MullenLowe was tasked to help increase Cleanipedia’s brand awareness by shining a light on these ‘Unmentionable’ stains, the ones other cleaning brands don’t mention.

The campaign features adverts from retail brands Panda, Comfyballs, and Pruzan in three specially built OOH sites in London Bridge, Shoreditch, and New Cross.

During the day, the sites show a ‘normal’ men’s underwear ad, a bed sheets ad, and a sportswear ad. However, when night-time comes, strategically placed UV lights illuminate the unseen stains, along with a QR code linking to TikTok videos on Cleanipedia, showing how to clean the respective stains.

“We know people are searching for help on these particular stains, and yet we’re afraid to talk about them,” said Mario Dughi, Digital Marketing & Design Director, Unilever.

“At Cleanipedia, we’re a non-judgemental place to go for any cleaning tips. Our stain removal advice is rooted in science, we believe that nothing beats a clean home and getting there shouldn’t be a choice.”

Eduardo Salles, Global Creative Director, MullenLowe, said “Cleanipedia presented us with the perfect creative brief – a challenger brand with a clear positioning and the need to grab some attention!

“We knew we couldn’t create boring communication for a brand that’s hacking the cleaning tips world.”

KJ Flynn, Executive Director, Consumer, Golin, said: “We really wanted to take the work further by creating a truly integrated campaign, transcending traditional earned and driving a conversation with our audience using social-first content creators in an authentic and entertaining way.

“The decision to work with comedic content creators felt like the right way to land the message so that it really cut through with this audience – comedy and cleaning who knew it could be such an impactful combination!”