UNIQLO launches global #unfelt sensations campaign by We Are Social


UNIQLO has released a series of fun and mischievous Instagram videos aimed at sparking conversation about its AIRism Ultra Seamless Boxer Briefs.

We Are Social’s Japan office led the creative work and Tokyo-based production, collaborating with We Are Social Studios UK – the agency’s in-house production division – to shoot content in London and New York.

UNIQLO ‘unfelt’

The global ‘#unfelt sensations‘ campaign amplifies the light, stretchy, perfect-fit product benefits of the AIRism collection, with the videos expressing this ultimate comfort with imaginative visuals in an impactful way to lead to in-store sampling.

We Are Social’s creative builds on the concept that the boxers are “unprecedented in comfort is beyond the human imagination and create a worldwide sensation”.

Content is mischievous in tone, with We Are Social mixing generative AI with reality to create three fictional stories, illustrating the incredible lightness and stretchiness to a global audience.

In London, the boxers break through shop doors and escape to the sky in pursuit of freedom, to illustrate their lightness. Meanwhile, in New York, the briefs are seen flying around the shops in playful motion.

And in Tokyo, where black-painted taxis are common, some taxis are covered by the super-stretchy black boxer briefs.

The video (above) push ran on global and local Instagram accounts simultaneously in Tokyo, London and New York.