UM teams up with TikTok and Spotify to launch Futureproof Academy

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UM, IPG’s global marketing and media agency network, has joined with Spotify and TikTok to launch Futureproof Academy. 

This is a modular course for secondary schools that provides an introduction to the world of media and creativity. 

It is designed to develop core employability skills and raise aspirations to demonstrate a career in media is not restricted to a graduate intake.

Futureproof Academy

Launching this month, Futureproof Academy’s first partner school will be Feltham-based Springwest Academy. 300+ Year 10 & 11 students will take part in modules developed and delivered by UM and TikTok staff.

The programme will incorporate office visits, mentoring and the opportunity for a select number of students to complete a summer internship at UM before they move on to Further Education or careers.

Alice Archer, managing partner for communications & culture at UM, said: “As an industry, we are very aware we have a way to go when it comes to building a more diverse workforce.

“We’re proud of the diversity within the UM community, but we know there is still more we can do.

“We hope by engaging with young people before they make Further Education decisions, we will be able to bring whole new talent pools into the media. 

“More diverse perspectives will ultimately help us all make more creative and culturally relevant work for clients.

“By engaging with young people at a grass roots level we hope to bring in fresh perspectives that will help us future proof our clients’ businesses.”

Core skills for young people

The course has been designed to equip young people with the core skills they need to get started in today’s data-driven digital world. 

This will be put into a real-world context through sessions delivered in collaboration with TikTok and Spotify. Students will also have an opportunity to work on a live Spotify brief and present their ideas direct to the client team.

Emily Chapman, head of careers at Springwest Academy, said: “Our primary aim is to inspire students and equip them with real world work skills they need. 

“The course offers a highly engaging programme of learning and practical activities.

“I’m sure it will open many students’ eyes to a career they might not otherwise have considered. Futureproof Academy sends a clear message to pupils that a career in media is open to all.”

Tasha Lenton, Spotify EMEA, Media Strategy Lead, said, “We have a great responsibility as one of the leading brands in the UK and Ireland to help drive change culturally. 

“Bringing greater diversity into our industry is thus an absolute priority for us.

“We were very keen to be involved in this initiative and hope it will equip the students with both the skills and the confidence to make them consider careers with companies like our own. 

“I suspect we have as much to learn from this new generation of talent as they will from us.”

Futureproof Academy shows that a career in media is something that people from all backgrounds can aspire to. 

UM is looking to extend the programme to more schools, particularly those with an ethnically and socially diverse intake of students