Comment: Ultra Brand Studio on OpenAI’s Sora video platform


Last week OpenAI launched Sora, a new AI-based text-to-video generation platform.

It could revolutionise the way everything from ad campaigns to full films are created in the future.

If done well it looks like a game changer, but as with most game changing things, there are mounting questions around governance, ethics and possible misuse.


Here, Alistair Schoonmaker, co-founder and managing director at Ultra Brand Studio, offers his view of how we should view the promise of this great new tech development…

Schoonmaker on Sora

“When something like Sora lands, there is fear within industries. But the real question is what do people want from content?

“Is it reality, authenticity or AI generated?

“The answer lands somewhere in between – a mixture of both. And that is both exciting and a bit scary.”

“This is not the first time a creative industry has been disrupted by technology.

“Take the music industry. Did pro-tools, Ableton, Reason or even streaming kill the music industry? No. It changed the landscape. People started making music that couldn’t be made before.

“And we’ve entered an era of taste and creation where artfulness works in harmony with technology.

“There you have a mix or hybrid of analogue instrumentation and technology. For me,I don’t see any reason to slow the progress AI has made in content creation.

“I expect brands and business will bring it into the fold of creative tools for expressing ideas. Infact, Sora could be a lot of fun.”