Ukraine invasion: Manchester Utd terminates Aeroflot sponsorship deal

MUFC TERMINATES aeroflot sponsorship

Manchester United has cancelled its £30m sponsorship deal with Russian airline Aeroflot. 

The Premier League club’s move came after Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Thursday.

MU Aeroflot statement

“In light of events in Ukraine, we have withdrawn Aeroflot’s sponsorship rights”, the club said in a statement.

“We share the concerns of our fans around the world and extend our sympathies to those affected.”

The club’s deal with Aeroflot was brokered way back in 2013 and was to have lasted until 2023.

Until this week it was the official airline of the club.

On Thursday UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, confirmed that Aeroflot had been banned from flying to the UK following Russia’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine.

Among the many sanctions announced by the Prime Minister that major Russian banks were to have their assets frozen and be excluded from the UK financial system; legislation enacted stop major Russian companies and the state from raising finance or borrowing money on UK markets; asset freezes will be placed on 100 new individuals or businesses; and that Aeroflot will be banned from landing in the UK

So far hundreds are thought to have died and Russian forces having moved into Ukraine’s city Kiev.

Formula1 pulls Russian Grand Prix

Motor racing body Formula1 has also pulled its planned Russian event due to taker place later this year.

Commenting on the escalating situation with Ukraine, F1 said: “The FIA Formula 1 World Championship visits countries all over the world with a positive vision to unite people, bringing nations together.

“We are watching the developments in Ukraine with sadness and shock and hope for a swift and peaceful resolution to the present situation.

“On Thursday evening Formula 1, the FIA, and the teams discussed the position of our sport, and the conclusion is, including the view of all relevant stakeholders, that it is impossible to hold the Russian Grand Prix in the current circumstances.