UK media inflation predicted to reach 4.4% in 2022 – ECI

eci mm inflation report q1 2022

Global media inflation is predicted to recover in 2022, rising beyond the peaks of 2021 and surpassing pre-Covid inflation levels in 2019, according to the ECI Media Management Q1 2022 Media Inflation Report released today.

Globally all media is expected to be inflationary, with offline inflation higher than online, due strong TV inflation, while online media inflation remains consistent across most markets, having maintained stability throughout the pandemic. 

Online Video is enjoying the strongest growth in inflation of the online media types. 

Print inflation continues to decline steadily although this is expected to slow in 2022, while Newspapers may even see a slight growth in inflation in 2022 overall.

Global Media Inflation forecasts

Fredrik Kinge, Global CEO of ECI Media Management, said: “Media prices inflated overall in 2021 and this was particularly true in key markets and especially for TV, which saw increasing inflation as the year progressed and hit a high in Q4. 

“With inflation in most markets now recovered and surpassing 2019 levels we are expecting inflation in 2022 to continue rising. 

global media inflation on vs offline eci mm

“TV and online inflation continue to increase across the world; the former is particularly noticeable as it was so heavily impacted by the events of 2020. 

These media represent the lion’s share of most media budgets, so as their prices increase, it is more important than ever that advertiser media investments are effective; optimisation and transparency are key.”

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Non-TV media are forecast to remain consistent with 2021 inflation levels in 2022 in the UK, while TV is anticipated to see a significant reduction in inflation levels, because prices saw higher media inflation in the region than elsewhere last year, but it will still have the highest rates of inflation across all media.

Kinge added: “Economic recovery across Europe saw promising output, as well as unexpected setbacks. 

“As a result, TV saw significant increases in inflation due to revenue increases above H1 forecasts, while online media remained consistent and offline media pulled themselves out of deflationary positions. As we look ahead to 2022, growth in the region is likely to slow.”

ECI Media Management’s annual Media Inflation Report forecasts media inflation for seven key media channels in Q1 each year; TV, Online Display, Online Video, Newspapers, Magazines, OOH and Radio, at a global and regional level, and across 50 countries. 

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An update to these forecasts is published later in the year. 

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ECI Media Management’s experts have been tracking media inflation since 2012, providing unrivalled understanding of trends over time. 

Its information is derived from a number of sources, including its global network of experts, real client data and media agencies. 

It is cross-referenced with industry bodies and publications, as well as with agency traders and media vendors, so it reflects the expertise of those with an impact on trading variables.