UK ISP Airband re-launches with new visual identity


Airband, one of the UK’s next generation internet service providers, re-launches this week with an all-new brand, created by The Corner London.

Airband rebrands

The work sees a complete overhaul of Airband’s brand strategy, visual identity, and communications across all touchpoints.

Working with Illustrator Andrew Rae, The Corner has developed a brand and launch campaign that positions Airband as a new type of broadband company, delivering a better experience to consumers living outside of major cities, be that price, speed, service, or overall value.

At a time when consumers are experiencing unprecedented price inflation across everything from gas and electricity to petrol and food, Airband’s first TV ad, voiced by comedy actor Marc Wootton, focuses on the simple fact that Airband deliver ‘suuuuperfast broadband from just £25 a month, with no price hikes.’ 

A message brought to you by none other than ‘Puffy’, the adorable, over-inflated, puffer fish. Airband’s ‘no price hike’ message is carried through radio, while digital, social, and direct mail executions span a range of supporting ‘value’ messages.

James Hyland, Head of Marketing, Airband said: “We couldn’t be prouder of our new brand and Launch campaign. For too long communities and businesses outside of major cities have had to put up with sub optimal broadband. 

“Airband changes all of that, and our new brand and comms shows just how different we are.”

Tom Ewart, Chief Creative Officer and Founding Partner, The Corner, said: “If you love good brands, like we do, the opportunity to work on the design and comms simultaneously is a dream. 

“It allows us to link up the whole customer experience in a really satisfying way. We wanted to champion Airband’s simple, honest way of doing business, with fun and irreverence. 

“There isn’t much joy in the world right now, but hopefully Puffy will make people smile.”