UK consumers’ holiday budgets remain intact – News UK

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In a rare piece of good news for the travel industry, research from News UK today revealed a significant longer-term opportunity for travel brands from consumers’ available budgets for post-lockdown holiday travel.

News UK research

Questioned about their plans for a post-lockdown holiday, the majority of readers of News UK’s titles have significant budgets in place with plans to spend them as soon as they’re allowed.

The Times and The Sunday Times readers have an average budget of £2,616 per person, while The Sun readers will typically spend £1,144. 

Additionally, 69% across all three newspapers say their budget hasn’t been impacted by the pandemic, with 45% having already put money aside.

Assuming it is permitted and safe to do so, half of The Times and The Sunday Times  readers are open to travel anywhere, with Europe being the most popular destination (67%). 

However, 60% are now more likely to consider the UK as a holiday destination and 39% are more likely to travel by car. 

Similarly for The Sun readers, the appeal of the UK has never been stronger with 58% more likely to remain on home soil.

The research also revealed that we are seeing a switch to shorter term bookings as people wait to see what the travel advice will be before booking. 

news uk - holiday plans going ahead
Up in the air: News UK survey finds we’re all dying to get away this year.

Nearly half (44%) are planning to book their next trip within six months of departure.

Newsbrands trusted source for holiday plans

Further, readers of The Times and The Sunday Times cite newsbrands as their most popular source to help plan their next trip, with factors such as travel insurance, Covid rates and security of destination now most important when it comes to making a booking. 

For The Sun readers, key factors include cancellation guarantees, budget and trust in the travel provider.

“These results have given us a detailed and deep understanding of our readers and their attitudes and feelings towards travel during this time”, Victoria Sanders, Director of Travel, News UK Commercial said. 

“It is also welcoming to see that newsbrands remain a trusted source in the travel planning process. 

“Moving forward once restrictions are lifted travel brands need to capitalise on this with campaigns that resonate with their audiences.”

Emma Pipe, Senior Commercial Insights Manager at News UK added: “Our latest research shows that understandably, there is increased consideration of holidays in the UK and travelling by car but readers are open to travelling abroad too. 

“Once it’s safe to do so, travel companies have an opportunity to build consideration but will need to provide peace of mind and assurances, particularly relating to health risk concerns and potential financial loss.”