Tyrrells introduces lentil crisps to ‘Tyrrellbly Tasty’ campaign

tyrrells lentil crisps

Tyrrells, the premium crisp brand owned by KP Snacks, is launching a new campaign for its lentil crisps by creative agency St Luke’s, reasserting how its crisps are bursting with flavour and highlighting their superlative taste.

Lentil Crisps

Tyrrells Lentil Crisps, which launched last year, is 30% lower in fat than standard potato crisps, but with no compromise on being the best tasting premium snack brand.

In the first ad campaign for the new flavour, the new 20-second ad called ‘Splendid News” will appear on video-on-demand and social media, and will run until 21st August. 

The ad contrasts black and white Pathé footage of the public alongside eye-catching, larger-than-life colourful images of the crisps in Sour Cream & Onion and Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper flavours.

The spot takes a humorous look at the launch announcing the “breaking news” headline, as consumers are at fever pitch, going crazy to get a view of the oversized packets of Tyrrells Lentil Crisps, with extra-large, tasty ingredients such as chilli, peppers and chives wheeled in wooden boxes to production, which are “getting pulses racing”. 

One punter, Neville, is seen running home dressed in shorts and bowler hat, with a large pack of Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper Lentil Crisps under his arm, “to nosh a bag” eager to enjoy the tantalisingly delicious taste of Tyrrells. 

The accompanying voiceover says: “Why not try them yourself? They’re ‘Tyrrellbly Tyrrellbly Tasty’.

With its English provenance and passion for quality, Tyrrells crisps, and now the new Lentil Crisps are available in a variety of flavours, and are expertly seasoned with recipes that contain authentic ingredients. Offering shoppers something to enjoy for all their special sharing occasions.

Tyrrells Lentil Crisps HERO IMAGE
Tyrrells adds new flavour to Tyrrellbly Tasty campaign.

Dan Winslet , Global Tyrrells Global Marketing Controller said: “Our new campaign continues to focus on the amazing and authentic taste of Tyrrells crisps, and why they are the perfect snack for a premium sharing experience with friends and family. 

“Our latest creative showcases our Lentil Crisps which are lower in fat thanks to the lentil base, without compromising on flavour.”

Richard Denney, Chief Creative Officer at St Luke’s said: “Tyrells continues to go from strength to strength, and our Tyrrellbly Tyrrellbly tasty new work for Lentil Crisps, will only add more distinctive and memorable character to this delicious brand leader”.