Twix US highlights ‘cookie in disguise’ status in humorous new ad


Twix, proudly part of the Mars family of brands, is solidifying its connection to the cookie with its new campaign titled, ‘Disguise’.

Created by adam&eveDDB, the tongue-in-cheek campaign builds on the idea that famous twin chocolate bar is actually a cookie, cleverly disguised as a candy bar.

Twix cookie

As the only cookie-based offering in the chocolate category, Twix is looking to leverage its distinctive flavour profile to broaden appeal to Gen Z snackers and steal consumption moments from cookie brands.

This new campaign is designed to communicate all the ways Twix delivers delight – highlighting its chewy and crunchy textures to solidify amongst consumers that it is both a cookie and a candy bar.

The 30-second hero spot (below) begins with a member of a motorcycle club describing a Twix bar as “a cookie in disguise”. Her friend and fellow club member suggests what he would do if someone in the gang was in disguise, dramatically snapping his Twix in two.

For a moment, all of the gang members go quiet, but then the tension lifts and the room erupts in laughter. Though it quickly becomes obvious, that one person really is in disguise.

‘Disguise’ launched in the US 3 June across AV, FEP, OLV and socials including Snap, Meta and TikTok.