Twitter turns user’s childhood yarn into “the perfect Christmas ad”

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Twitter has turned a tweet from one of its users about a story he wrote as a seven year-old into its ‘Christmas ad’ for this year.

Of course Christmas is coming, and among manic Christmas shopping and office parties, there’s another festive tradition that gets people talking: Christmas ads, the social platform said. 

Nowhere does this debate happen more than on Twitter, so this year, those conversations have inspired it to launch one of the most unique adverts of the season.

Twitter takes inspiration for user’s story

It starts back in November 2020, when @DanannMcAleer tweeted (original tweet below) saying that at age seven he wrote the perfect Christmas advert, a story he wrote as a child, complete with illustrations. 

He even tagged John Lewis inviting them to use it for their 2021 campaign.

Well, John Lewis didn’t, but Twitter did.

To show how the Christmas spirit floods the social media platform every year, the platform brought this story to life: a surreal tale about two snowflakes, or rather ‘snow flacks’, called James and Jack, whose adventures include bouncing from an octopus in the sea into a snow spray factory. 

It’s magical, it’s absurd and it’s proof that all kinds of Christmas conversations are on Twitter.

Alongside the film is an interview documenting the reaction of the original tweeter and writer, Danann McAleer. 

His shocked and delighted reaction speaks for itself: “I absolutely love it,” he commented. “It’s beautifully done, and I think it should be the start of a franchise! That’s made my day. And made my Christmas too.”

It doesn’t end there. To celebrate the launch, the 140-character social platform said it will even be giving away some physical mementos on the platform to fans of the film, including some very special soft toys. Worth watching out for!

“There has always been an amazing synergy between Twitter and TV; and the Christmas ads are a great example of this”, said Carlos Cantu, EMEA Business Marketing Director at Twitter.

“When our partners from David showed us Danann’s lovely tweet we all knew what we needed to do. 

“It’s been great to contribute to the magic of Christmas in this very Twitter way.”

The campaign is by David Madrid, produced by Passion Pictures Paris and directed by Roxane Campoy. 

A charming, ironic and distinctive approach to the kinds of Christmas campaigns that get people talking year on year – on Twitter and beyond.