TVMOTIK launches to drive targeted TV ads in France

tvmotik launches in france

French programmatic adtech Smart AdServer has launched a targeted TV advertising alliance called TVMOTIK with French telco Bouygues and digital TV convergence player Realytics.

The alliance – plus the unique full-stack solution it offers – aims to support TV channels in activating and marketing targeted advertising offers via Bouygues Telecom’s home gateways.


France’s addressable TV market is currently making huge inroads – which has not gone unnoticed by advertisers, who discern an opportunity to push personalised TV ads to target audiences. Existing technological solutions have so far been unable to provide a one-size-fits-all approach to the standards and norms used by all the TV channels. 

It is based on that observation and because they are keen to support TV channels in their digital transformation, that Bouygues Telecom, Realytics and Smart teamed up to develop TVMOTIK.

TVMOTIK alliance underpinned by:

  • Bouygues Telecom’s technological expertise with home gateway infrastructures;
  • the proxy-free solution for scheduling and executing targeted advertising campaigns developed by Smart, allowing for informed and tightly managed ad-decisioning covering all addressable slots on both linear and catch-up TV;
  • the proprietary Adkymia platform for programmatic media sales owned by Realytics.

The new alliance complies with AF2M/SNPTV standards and the technical requirements of linear TV channels. 

It offers a full range of technological services and sales support for extracting the most value from their addressable TV inventories.

It also meets the strategic requirements of advertisers of all sizes, who thanks to streamlined centralised buying will be able to extend their reach and personalise adverts across a wide range of TV channels. 

By offering better granularity, the service aims to tie advertising more closely to particular regions and/or interests while also leveraging audience profile data.

“By setting up this fully-French consortium, Bouygues Telecom is taking tangible steps to help French broadcasters while offering advertisers a valuable alternative,” said Renan Abgrall, who heads Bouygues Telecom’s Value Factory. 

“We will offer advertisers a broader coverage of TV audiences, opening the way to many different scenarios for use in future campaigns.”

Arnaud Créput, CEO of Smart, said: “Targeted TV advertising is a matter for every player active along the TV value chain. 

“By lowering the barriers to access our open and interoperable technologies, we are making a way for TV channels – whatever their size – to take full advantage of this new opportunity, which we see firing up the TV ecosystem in the future”. 

“Our alliance with Bouygues Telecom and Realytics, the first of its kind anywhere, will give advertisers an independent, one-stop-shop alternative capable of taking on the major platforms.”

Guillaume Belmas, CEO of Realytics, said: “We’re delighted to be forging this technological partnership with Bouygues Telecom and Smart, which brings addressable TV within reach for more TV media sales units and agencies”.

“Thanks to TVMOTIK, we’re seizing the opportunities from this burgeoning market and will be in a position to offer media buyers a large inventory of addressable TV slots available exclusively for programmatic buying through Adkymia.”

With initial testing and integration under way, TVMOTIK – which is non-aligned and usable by any company – has made no secret of its ambition to drive collaboration between all industry stakeholders.