Transformation and innovation company inplural opens for business


StrawberryFrog, the pioneer of Movement Thinking, has launched a new partner firm, inplural, a transformation company positioned to redefine the integration of brand purpose with company culture through the design of innovative products and services.

Launch of inplural

The new firm is founded on the belief that true innovation is inherently “pluralistic” — a system based on diversity of people, experiences, and thought processes — and deeply rooted in purpose.

As clients increasingly demand that silos between internal functions come down, and consumers push for products to actually reflect marketing promises, inplural is positioned as an answer for companies seeking to bring their purpose to life across all aspects of their business.

“Inplural represents our belief that the future of business transformation lies in embracing a multitude of perspectives and approaches, deeply rooted in purpose”, said Scott Goodson, Founder and CEO of StrawberryFrog and Principal at inplural.

Inplural is distinct in structure, which involves assembling interdisciplinary teams for each client, the company said.

These teams may consist, for instance, of psychologists, creative technologists, entrepreneurs, cultural forecasters, product managers, and artists, ensuring a comprehensive and innovative approach to problem-solving.

This model stands in contrast to traditional consultancy practices, offering a dynamic, tailored service that addresses the unique challenges of each organisation.

Daniel Gomez Seidel, Principal and Managing Director of inplural, brings a rich background in design thinking, product innovation, and cultural transformation, and a deep network of creative collaborators across diverse, unconventional fields.

“At inplural, our mission is to convert purpose into practice. We aim to facilitate not just innovation but meaningful cultural change that truthfully represents the essence of our client organisations” Gomez Seidel said.

With services ranging from Research & Insights, Product, Service & Experience Innovation, Organisational Design & Training, to Prototyping & Implementation, inplural supports its clients from concept through to launch.

This end-to-end service model ensures that innovative ideas are realized as actionable, impactful solutions.

“Clients can’t accept incremental improvements in their marketing and creative processes; they need to embed their unique values and ideas into every aspect of their operation, from product development to the wider culture inside and outside their offices and workplaces,” Goodson said.

“inplural’s introduction is a response to this need, offering a new path for companies to achieve sustainable growth.”

Under the leadership of Goodson and Gomez Seidel, inplural aims to drive genuine advances in how marketing is conceived and deployed. By bridging the gap between marketing, product development, and organisational strategy, inplural ensures a unified, purpose-aligned experience for employees and customers alike.

This integrated approach is designed for leaders committed to making company purpose a living, breathing reality.

Just as StrawberryFrog’s evolution began over two decades ago with the intention to break the established agency mould, inplural is poised to advance that mission as a values-based response to the unending complexities companies and consumers face.

Its launch marks a significant milestone in the journey toward a future where companies operate as true reflections of their stated purposes and the audiences they want to reach.

Inplural is open for business and looking for organisations to partner with to bring purpose and practice to life.