Top TV shows we’re too embarrassed to watch with family

tv show Normal People

Bridgerton, Normal People and even Game of Thrones for goodness sake are among the top rated TV shows that can leave us cringing with embarrassment in front of family members. 

A new survey of more than 3,200 TV fans found that in fact we’ve all had the awkward experience of having to sit through a steamy sex scene in front of family members during our fave shows. 

While most of us can do nothing but sit, frozen, red-faced and not daring to make eye contact with Mum or Dad, some will escape to the kitchen to make a tactical cuppa and others will just bury their face in a pillow.

too awkward to watch
Too hot to watch: The shows we find most awkward to view with family.

The TV show most people find too awkward to watch with their parents is popular BBC drama Normal People. 

Even though its authentic and honest portrayal of sex has been celebrated, a whopping 83% of those surveyed still thought it was too steamy to share it with family.


Prominent in the news for its sex scenes, in second place is Bridgerton – chosen by 81% of those . 

Daphne and Simon don’t hold back when getting down to business in the first and only season to date, proving why viewers are uncomfortable watching the TV adaptation of the regency novel with their parents.

bridgerton romance scene
Get a room: Steamy scenes in Bridgerton had us cringing in front of family.

Following closely behind in third place is streaming series Orange is the New Black. The inclusive Netflix original contributes to deserved LGBTQ+ screen time, but many of its scenes are too explicit to watch with a family member – in fact 78% vowed they wouldn’t!

Claiming fourth, fifth and sixth most embarrassing are Sex Education (75%), Game of Thrones (73%) and Big Mouth (72%).

Shows you CAN watch with Mum n Dad

Flipping the results, fewer people would find it awkward to watch The End of the F***ing World with a family member. 

Chosen by only half of participants (50%), TEOTFW is hailed for its positive messages on consent.

Other TV shows of less awkwardness include:

  • Sex and the City (51%)
  • Outlander (53%)
  • Insatiable (56%)
  • Girlfriends (58%)

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