Top creatives blind To ‘AI washing’ – global poll


Some 80% of creatives have never heard of the term ‘AI washing’, according to a new global poll from Designit, the Wipro-owned global experience innovation company.

‘AI washing’ poll

The poll, which canvassed respondents ranging from design strategists and leaders to UX and product designers, found the AI-washing blind spot was evident across all levels of experience.

Despite the growing number of ‘AI washing instances, only 14% of creatives knew of it and had experienced it, with the remaining 6% knowing of it, but not knowingly coming face-to-face with the phenomenon.

‘AI washing’, which is the exaggeration or deliberate misrepresentation of a company’s AI capabilities, is becoming increasingly prominent across industries, with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issuing fines to investment advisory firms Delphia and Global Predictions for being disingenuous about their use of AI just last month.

This lack of awareness among creatives of such a growing phenomenon is potentially damaging for brands across the board, said Pardis Shafafi, global responsible business lead at Designit.

“Brands’ impatience to be seen as cutting-edge, and their eagerness to embrace all the benefits of AI, is understandable. What’s key is that this latest, admittedly powerful, tool doesn’t come at the cost of consumer trust.

“The imperative for brands and their agency partners to be vigilant to developments including AI washing is greater now than ever: with fake news and misinformation making consumers more wary and suspicious than ever, we all have a reputational responsibility not to mislead consumers”.

The findings come from the latest Designit global survey, and canvassed those working in the design and creative industries, with participants ranging from design strategists and leaders to UX and product designers.