Top 10 Digital Trends show YouTube is video favourite again


The latest digital trends have been garnered in a new video from social agency WeAreSocial and soical media management platform Hootsuite.

Digital Trends 2022 October Global Statshot

Did you know that YouTube has recaptured the lead from TikTok for time people spent on social media apps? 

Or that far from being the damp squib some headlines suggest, virtual worlds are attracting hundreds of million of active users – Fortnite has more than 250m each month? 

Or that social web consumption (as opposed to social consumption via app) is up – even when it comes to Gen Z TikTok users?

These are just some of the latest insight highlights from ‘Digital 2022 October Global Statshot’ – the just-published latest quarterly report on digital trends in 48 countries from We Are Social and Hootsuite.

You can watch the video below to get all the latest in digital trends, and below that, we’ve included some headline grabs to make it even easier to view the headline moves… 

  • Android users spent 23.4 hrs per month using YouTube in Q2, compared with 22.9 hrs using TikTok, and 19.2 hrs using Facebook (down from 19.4 hrs in Q1, though reports of the imminent death of Facebook are misplaced)
  • Virtual worlds have huge active audiences: Roblox attracted 254m active users per month, Roblox 204m and Minecraft 173m in Q2.
  • Most people even when given the choice still accept cookies: just 37% of active internet users actively decline them, meaning around 2/3 of people simply press ‘accept’ and move on.
  • People are still investing in cryptocurrency despite tumbling valuations: the number of people owning at least one piece of cryptocurrency rose 1.7% in Q2 2022 (to 1 in 8 people) despite the value of Bitcoin falling 60% in H1.
  • Podcast listening is growing from strength to strength: the number listening in Q2 was up 6% year on year while the time spent listening was up 7% over the same period.
  • Social media consumption via web browser (as opposed to social media app) is growing – even among younger groups: almost 5bn unique devices visited in July 2022 and 1.6bn visited
  • Overall time spent online per person declined from 7 hrs per day in July 2021 to 6 hrs 37 mins in July 2022, but while total daily internet activity is down almost 5% it remains relevant as people are more purposeful in how they spend their time online.