Toolstation wants to pay you to watch Grand designs

toolstation seeks grand design viewers - mediashotz

UK DIY brand Toolstation is offering superfans of Channel 4’s iconic Grand Designs series the chance watch every episode and be paid handsomely for doing so.

Toolstation seeks GD superfans

Toolstation said the offer is open to anyone who’s into home improvement, property development or just has a general interest in building and of course loves to watch Grand Designs.

From the famous 100ft water tower to the £3 million treehouse, the show has aired several quirky projects over the years. 

Toolstation has some interesting factoids about the series, which has been presented by Kevin McCloud since it launched way back in 1999.

For example, a typical Grand Designs project goes 34% over budget. But it’s not always a matter of dramatic over-spending. 

Some 7% of the projects are completed on budget, whilst a further 8% defy the odds by coming in under budget.

However, Toolstation said the real questions are: Which project went over budget the most? And which project came in under budget the most?

Toolstation said it needs viewers’ help to find out and is seeking superfans of the series to help.

In return, will hire and pay them £1,500 to dig deeper into the show and watch every episode to find out for its research purposes.

If you’re up for this incredible challenge, all you need to do is apply here.

Whoever Toolstation picks wil have their work cut out for them though. Since the first episode went out in April 1999 there have been a total of 200 episodes over 22 series.