Tommy creates plane hi-jack for Netflix’s Blood Red Sky premiere

Tommy, blood red sky immersive - mediashotz

Netflix hosted an exclusive premiere for Blood Red Sky, on a plane in Berlin, for media and influencers but with a twist to the immersive experience provided by digital creative agency Tommy.

The ambitious activation involved wiring the flight up to a multi-camera CCTV stream, from the premiere, so that the Twitch community could ‘takeover the flight’ and vote on what happens next.

Tommy, blood red sky immersive 2 - mediashotz
Hijacked: Tommy immersive gave Twitch users control over passngers’ fate.

Following the screening of the action horror film (which tells the story of a woman with a mysterious illness who is forced into action when a group of terrorists attempt to hijack a transatlantic flight), the premiere goers were then immersed in the film’s story with a ‘jump out your seat’ live experience.

Tommy enlists Twitch

Twitch viewers took control, taking a call on what the premiere goers would see and do next as vampires came out of nowhere to bite a flight attendant’s throat, the plane was plunged into a power-cut and bloody body parts dropped from the overhead lockers.

Sean Chambers, Chief Creative Officer of Tommy, commented: “When you’re working with one of the world’s most innovative, creative and exciting brands, you need to create work that matches their ambition. 

“With this next generation branded experience – live, social, and with real storytelling craft – we’re allowing fans to become part of Blood Red Sky: to live, breathe and scream it.”

Tommy, blood red sky immersive 3 - mediashotz
Vampire class: Tommy created a next generation immersive branded experience.

Flo Hoffmann, Senior Marketing Manager DACH at Netflix, said: “Tommy created an experience that put viewers first in every sense, creating a unique experience that was shared, viewed and talked about. 

“Inviting the power of the Twitch audience into the launch brought a truly visceral entertainment experience to life even further”.

This isn’t the first time that Tommy has worked with Twitch to let users decide the fate of their campaigns. Last February, Tommy created an online scavenger hunt in collaboration with Twitch, to promote the new German Netflix Original Series, Tribes of Europa.