Tom Daley launches ‘Secret Superpowers’ Snapchat show


Olympic diving star Tom Daley OBE, is set to launch a new Snapchat show, Secret Superpowers with Tom Daley, which will premiere this Saturday, 8 October 2022.

Daley, revealed that his secret superpower for staying calm and focused during the Olympics is knitting.

In this series, Daley will meet and interview other celebrities and athletes to discover their secret superpowers that help them stay calm under pressure and get their head in the game.

Daley, who is married to Hollywood Film Director, Dustin Lance Black, will test his own abilities as her tries out other people’s ‘secret superpowers’.

In the trailer for the show, Daley explains the concept, hilariously admitting in one clip as he descends into a freezing ice bath, that perhaps the show’s aim isn’t such a great idea after all.

It looks set to be an interesting look at the perhaps not so obvious hidden skills a nd talents of celebrities.

Those keen to follow Daley on the quest for Secret Superpower insight can sign up to subscribe here.

Daley was an Olympic gold medallist in the men’s synchronised 10-metre platform event at the 2020 Olympics and double world champion in the FINA 10-metre platform event, winning in 2009 at the age of fifteen, and again in 2017.

He’s now pursuing a career as a television presenter and has hosted a number of shows including ITV show Splash and BBC’s The One Show.

He also has his own YouTube channel which boasts 1.19m subscribers.

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