Tom Daley and Aitch star in latest UK Snap Originals

tom daley and aitch snap originals

Today, Snap announced two new UK Snap Originals “What the Aitch” in collaboration with Future Studios, and “Secret Superpowers with Tom Daley”, in collaboration with Little Dot Studios.

Both will premiere later this year and early 2023 exclusively on Snapchat. 

They are the latest expansion of Snap Originals globally – following the first UK Snap Original announcement in October 2021, “A Fighting Chance with Anthony Joshua.”

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Snap said it was excited to bring two home-grown UK stars to Snap Originals in the form of rapper and songwriter, Aitch and Olympic Gold medallist and TV personality, Daley.

Secret Superpowers with Tom Daley 

Tom Daley OBE, made a huge impact at the Olympics when he showed off his secret to staying calm and focused: knitting. 

Now, Daley’s meeting with other celebrity and athlete friends to uncover the unexpected secret superpowers they’ve found to de-stress and get their head in the game.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Snapchat and Little Dot Studios to create a Snap Original series alongside a few inspirational people I’ve met throughout my career”, Daley said. 

“I can’t wait for Snapchatters to go on this journey with me as I set out to learn fun, new hobbies from friends that, similar to my passion for knitting, have helped them tackle stress and stay calm under pressure. I’m excited to see what we’ll create!”

What the Aitch 

In this new series, British rapper and songwriter, Aitch, is on a mission to shake up his mates’ worlds and teach them how to be their BEST selves. 

Expect lots of laughs and plenty of shocks as Aitches’ home truths are dished out in some very unexpected ways. This 8-episode, unscripted series will air later this year exclusively on Snapchat.

Commenting on the partnership, Aitch said: “I am really excited to work with Snapchat and Future Studios to have my own Snap Original. I’m a big fan of Snapchat and I can’t wait to bring Snapchatters into my world this year!”

Amanda Krentzman, Head of International Originals, Snap said: “Our new UK Snap Originals star two inspirational, UK homegrown talents, Aitch and Tom Daley OBE.

“Each has a unique story that truly speaks to our values at Snapchat and aligns with our strategy of empowering talent to tell authentic stories on mobile.

“We’re thrilled to add these shows, alongside Anthony Joshua, to our UK lineup and the growing roster of UK Snap Originals that celebrate our UK community.”

Snap announced its first UK Snap Original last year, “A Fighting Chance with Anthony Joshua” which will give Snapchatters an exclusive look at the sporting superstar and his mission to give the younger generation of his community in Watford something he never had: a mentor. 

“With his book of contacts and drive to make a difference, he’ll give them a taste of a life and career of their dreams, while providing the direction to keep them on the straight and narrow. 

“The unscripted series produced by SBX Studios will premiere later this year.

The UK is one of a growing number of markets outside of the U.S where Snap is creating Original content, with previous releases in India and Canada. 

Made exclusively for Snapchat, Snap Originals reflect and celebrate the diverse voices, experiences, and passions of the global community of Snapchatters. Snap has released over 150 Snap Original series to date with over 70 partners.