TMRRW Studio rebrands Compass Studio with purpose vision


TMRRW Studio has rebranded PR and digital marketing agency Compass Studio to differentiate it in the increasingly crowded world of purpose-driven marketing with a new brand strategy and bright, bold new visual identity.

Compass Studio

Compass Studio is a certified B Corp, known for its work with purpose-driven brands, including Patagonia, Seabin Project and social enterprise brand Thankyou.

TMRRW worked with Compass Studio to reposition it for its next stage of growth, refreshing every aspect of the agency’s brand strategy, visual identity, and brand guidelines.

As part of the work, TMRWW ditched the neutral, earthy tones traditionally associated with sustainability in the marketing world and replaced them with more vibrant, impactful colours – a palette of yellow, orange and lilac.

The new look type-led visual identity celebrates Compass Studio’s optimism and reflects its mission to highlight the impact of world-bettering brands.

It is also designed to redefine what it means to be a business that is purpose driven, making connections based on shared values.

The new design features a custom font by Paris-based type designer Art Grootfontein. Called Flexible Compass, the font includes hand-drawn punctuation to capture the human relationships that exist at the heart of how the business operates.

Compass Studios Co-founder and co-director Natalie Dean-Weymark said: “In a purpose-driven marketing landscape awash with neutrals, the new Compass Studio is bold and bright.

“But to us, looking at our peers and the client partners who we get the privilege of working with each day – the future is bright, but it will take bold action to get us collectively where we need to be for people and the planet.”

Nick Hoskin, Founder and Executive Creative Director of TMRRW, said: “As we enter a new era of purpose-driven brands, the visual language of sustainability and purpose marketing is evolving in line with the shifting expectations of businesses and consumers.

“Just being ‘good’ is no longer good enough – to rise above the noise, brands need to articulate their points of difference in a way that’s meaningful, while backing it up through their actions.

“The future is in developing more of a mainstream, mass appeal by taking a much greater vibrant and optimistic approach. Our work with Compass both drives and reflects this shift.”