Tinuiti, Scibids partner to launch AI insights solution


Scibids, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for digital marketing, has launched its Scibids AI Insights Solution, in partnership with Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing agency across Streaming TV and the Triopoly of Google, Meta and Amazon.

Offering unprecedented transparency and control over the ad decisioning process within Scibids’ AI-powered customisable algorithms, AI Insights provides media buyers with all the information they need to understand the decisions made by the AI and make smarter decisions about their campaigns.

Tinuiti and Scibids

In combination with Tinuiti’s internally-built suite of incrementality, measurement and optimisation solutions, the agency worked in close collaboration with Scibids in product testing.

It is the first marketing agency to leverage at scale this new solution, which delivers automated and in-depth insights into how Scibids AI analyses and weights ad variables in the bidding process according to their impact on performance.

This includes identifying in real-time campaign elements like URLs, creative, location, and time of day and analysing their individual and combined effect in driving the expected outcome.

Insight into the efficiencies created by these variables enables Tinuiti’s trading teams to better scale campaigns, assess campaign results and optimise performance.

Scibids AI analyses across millions of variables to identify the combinations that generate the greatest impact on campaign outcomes.

With more and more brands asking for greater transparency in their media buys, this new solution will greatly advance Tinuiti’s clients in pursuing their business-specific objectives, including Etsy, Converse, and Nestlé.

Geoff Litwer, VP of Programmatic & Display Media at Tinuiti, said: “One of Tinuiti’s biggest differentiators has been our ability to be smarter and faster in analysing the vast amount of data that our programmatic campaigns generate.

“This partnership with Scibids and leveraging its new AI solutions, has already proven its worth in greatly scaling KPI-specific performance for our clients.”

Eric Schwartz, Managing Director, North America, Scibids, said: “Technology-driven agencies like Tinuiti are ahead of the curve in providing superior campaign performance for their partnered brands.

“They fully understand and embrace the role sophisticated AI and customisable algorithms have to play in today’s media buying landscape, and their customers have greatly benefited from the control and spend growth Scibids AI Insights has and will enable.”