Think Jam launches dedicated social video service


Think Jam, the entertainment marketing agency with offices in London and LA, has launched a brand new social video service called Make24.

The dedicated service is powered by Make24+, a curated network of over 70 talented video creators spread through the UK, EU and the United States, the firm said.

Compelling video

The service offers social video production, based on ongoing data and trend analysis, for the world’s leading brands, studios and talent by creating compelling stories that resonate with their online audiences while building brand awareness and recognition.

Despite being a brand-new product, the Make24 team has already been working with recognised brands such as Sony Pictures on the international release of Once Upon a Time in America, and Selina Hotels, on ten international brand ads for each market launch.

Make24 has an experienced team led by Aaron Kelly, Senior Director at Think Jam, Social Video Director, Leigh Gower, Partnerships Director, Phil Walden and Production Manager, Jake Young.

The team brings a wealth of experience after long stints at MTV, Movie Pilot and Minds Eye, having worked with clients in the past that included Hulu, 20th Century Fox, Nissan and Budweiser.

Engaging stories 

‘The goal is to always tell engaging stories that capture the imagination of today’s audiences.

“By working with our network of leading video creators, we can turn around quality video at speed, lowering the traditional costs of production while reacting to fast-moving trends on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram’, said Aaron Kelly, Senior Director at Think Jam.

Dean Leibowitz, Global Head of Media at Selina Hotels said: ‘Make24 was highly professional, incredibly quick turn around time between cuts and a pleasure to work with all-round’.

Daniel Robey, Think Jam’s CEO, said: ‘With the increasing role played by social platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, social video is a crucial part of every marketing strategy, particularly within the entertainment industry.

“We want to support brands harnessing the power of storytelling by offering a multi-region video service that delivers outstanding social video content with a faster turn-around time, within budget.’

This new video service reinforces the agency’s product offer, which already includes publicity, social, influencer, design and online advertising while driving growth and expansion in the UK and US.