The7stars launches new YouTube planning approach with rejigged Activation Team

Activation Team leadership_Adam_Nicola_Jonathan the7stars

Indy media agency the7stars, has restructured its Activation Team as part of a future planning approach to YouTube.

Working in close collaboration with Google, it has launched an AV fluid planning approach designed to unlock specialist YouTube marketing opportunities for clients. 

The move recognises YouTube as a natural extension of AV activity, following a year of unprecedented change which has seen the number of people viewing the app via TV screens increase to 25 million in the UK.

In May 2021, buoyed by the pandemic, over 25% of logged-in YouTube CTV viewers watched content almost exclusively (90% +) on the TV screen and the average online adult in the UK watched 60 minutes of YouTube per day across all devices including connected TVs.

To address this step change, the7stars is using YouTube to maximise effectiveness through experimentation in high quality content. 

As part of the restructure the agency has provided additional training to AV planners to utilise a digital buy as part of a joined up AV presence.

Activation Team

The newly organised Activation Team is led by a trio of linked promotions; Nicola Teague, Head of AV Planning, with a broader remit to provide coherence for brands across all AV. 

Jonathan Harrison, Digital Strategy and Transformation Lead, focuses on delivering client innovation across data and technology, and Adam Chugg, Head of Big Tech Activations, is responsible for driving platform integration and best practise across Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

As part of the Partnership, the7stars has invested in wrap-around ad tech including Halo, their creative technology tool, built in alignment with Google’s custom machine learning solution.

Halo enables the7stars to optimise video creative for digital environments and surface creative insights in real time alongside Supernova, the7stars’ in-house production studio.

Matt Bush, MD of Agencies, Partners and Creative at Google, said: “It’s really exciting to see the the7stars restructure their activation team with a focus on YouTube and to continue to evolve our partnership. 

“Their skills and talent are uniquely placed to advance their YouTube specialism and deliver ever better business results for the7stars clients”.

Nicola Teague Head of AV Planning at the7stars: “In a world where audiences have unparalleled choices in video content, it’s fundamental that we work with YouTube in an AV capacity to marry-up a cohesive AV presence that delivers scale and relevance to audiences across the UK.

“Our partnership with Google is underpinned by our independence and channel neutrality. We are free to move fast, to follow the audience, and to plan YouTube in the most effective way.”