The Weather Girls to return with Celebrate Christmas song – preview


Humidity’s rising, barometre’s getting low, that can only mean legendary It’s Raining Men singers, The Weather Girls, are back, and they have a new Christmas song coming out 18 November.  

Weather Girls ‘Celebrate Christmas’

The Weather Girls are set to release the feelgood Christmas song with swedes Gunn and Blizz Bugaddi called ”Celebrate Christmas”.

The new track will drop on Spotify and Apple Music Friday 18 November. 

It will be the first major release from The Weather Girls in nearly 34 years.

It’s an energetic, feelgood disco-Christmas song for all the pop and disco lovers out there.

“Celebrate Christmas” is about faith, about celebrating Christmas and feeling the joy and to share with that with other people that you like. 

“It is also a song that is meant to boost anyone who’s feeling lonely, which unfortunately a lot of people do during Christmas”, Dynelle Rhodes from The Weather Girls said.

Commenting on the new song, Gunn said: “To write and produce a Christmas song together with the world renowned artist that has created the worldwide hit “It´s Raining Men”, a song that we all have danced to, feels really big. 

“We wanted to create an uptempo Christmas song that can be mixed and played on dance floors all over the world”.

Producer Blizz Bugaddi said: “It’s not your typical Christmas song. We wanted to have the pop side of the disco-genre to meet Christmas. A song to dance, cheer and celebrate to”.

Gunn first met The Weather Girls 2018 when they shared the stage during Wien Pride. They hit it off immediately and thus started a great friendship. 

Hallelujah: The Weather girls are back with new song in collab with Gunn and Blizz Bugaddi.

Gunn started to book them different gigs in Sweden and from the get go they were in talks of some sort of musical collaboration.

“When I and Blizz Bugaddi decided to create this song, the choice of The Weather Girls just felt so right”, Gunn added. 

“So I called them up and they were on board immediately. We produced the song in a few days. Dynelle Rhodes traveled to Hamburg and we wrote and recorded the vocals with Terri Bjerre and Torsten Abrolat within a week after that. 

“‘Celebrate Christmas’ was born very quickly and it all just came so natural to all of us”.