The Sun claims ‘lie-ins’ were real reason DaCampo quit TV show


UK paper The Sun has claimed where was a more sleepy reason that TV chef Gino DaCampo this week decided to quit an ITV travel show he co-hosted.

DaCampo (centre, main pic) surprised co-stars and fans when he announced he was quitting ITV travel show Road Trip, which he hosted with fellow chefs Gordon Ramsay and Fred Sirieix.

In an Instagram video the Italian chef told fans that he was leaving Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip after just three series because they couldn’t get dates to work together. He also said this was creating some ‘personal problems’ with family, but he also gave another reason, which were down to contracts, saying: “contracts, when they start to get very complicated it becomes quite stressful”.

DaCampo said in his video that sometimes “like all good things in life sometimes they come to an end”.

DaCampo told his 1.5 million Instagram fans: “The reason I’m telling you now is because I don’t want you to read any crap or wrong informations, or anything like that.”


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DaCampo demands

However, UK tabloid The Sun claimed that the truth behind the TV star’s exit from the show was rather more somnolent and really down to him being ‘denied lie-ins’ by show bosses.

The paper claimed that DaCampo had insisted on a number of conditions in his contract which included being allowed to stay up late and have a ‘lie-in’ each day before filming segments for the show, apparently because he’s not an early riser.

As well as the lie-ins, The Sun claimed that sources told it that the chef wasn’t keen on working for more than six months of the year.

The TV chef’s demands allegedly caused frustration among co-stars, Ramsay and Sirieix, leaving things ‘pretty tense’ between them, the paper reported.

The Sun quoted its source as saying: ‘Contrary to popular belief, the row wasn’t over money — all three men get paid exactly the same.

‘Instead, Gino, who loves a party, wanted all sorts of caveats put into his contract around working hours so that he could effectively stay up late and have a bit of a lie-in before filming.

“He doesn’t like early starts – and made that clear.’