The Queen: Iconic leader, mother… and Bond Girl

james bond and the queen

Britain is a nation in mourning following the very sad passing of The Queen on Thursday afternoon at her treasured Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

For 70 years Queen Elizabeth II was a constant in our lives, a rock when all around was shifting and changing, and the very embodiment of the phrase ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.

The Queen in media

The Queen was also a wife, mother, sister, grandmother and great grandmother and always put her family at the centre of an otherwise busy life as head of state of one of the greatest countries in the world.

Her devotion to her country was without question and our longest-serving monarch also had a great sense of humour and a canny knack of surprising everyone around her, often involving the media.

We remember her most iconic creative media moment as being when Her Majesty officially became a Bond Girl in a show-stopping skit alongside 007 star Daniel Craig to kick off the 2012 Olympics. We’re still convinced it was actually Ma’am herself who jumped out of the helicopter.

More recently, she showed off her acting talent in a hilarious special Platinum Jubilee film along with iconic children’s character Paddington Bear – who knew she also kept marmalade sandwiches handy?

There have been many others, and, of course, as a national figurehead, she wasn’t always in charge of her image and brand.

In the 1970s punk rock tearaways The Sex Pistols used The Queen’s image on the cover of their release of single God Save the Queen.

the queen - sex pistols
70s music icon: The Sex Pistols chose The Queen for the cover of their hit God Save The Queen.

The Queen’s face was set into a Union Jack flag with her eyes and mouth over-layed with text containing the song title and band’s name.

Now, the entire country has lost a steadying influence in their lives and the next 10 days – under the auspices of Operational London Bridge – will see a country reflect, mourn and lay to rest an iconic, historic and amazing woman.

The world will be watching…