The Planet League appoints The Corner as lead agency

the planet league 1

The Planet League has appointed London-based integrated creative agency The Corner as its lead agency without a pitch. 

It is the third new business win for The Corner in 2022 after Sofology and Airband.

The Planet League

The Planet League is a behaviour-tech business that encourages fans to compete for their favourite football team by carrying out green actions. Each action equals goals scored for their football club. 

With 73 professional UK football clubs already signed up, including 17 from the Premier League, as well as over 100 activities listed, there’s opportunities for everyone to take climate action. The more the fans do, the more goals are scored. 

Since 2020 the Planet League has run 5 tournaments, with 14,000 fans who completed 77,000 green actions resulting in a CO2 impact of 360 tonnes.

The first task for The Corner was to rebrand the Planet League, away from Planet Super League, and launch a new identity design across its website and social platforms. 

With a fresh new logo and visual identity, the Planet League now embodies its future facing mission to help protect the environment through the engagement of football fans. 

The new identity appeals to the mass sports fan audience and helps position the brand as a serious proposition in the fight against climate change.

According to The Corner, the next step will be to develop marketing communications for the Planet League. 

The launch of the rebrand arrives alongside the release of the Planet League’s whitepaper entitled “Scope F: Maximising sport’s positive impact on CO2 emissions”, as discussed this week on Sky Sports News in an interview with David Garrido.

Neil Simpson, CEO and Founding Partner, The Corner, said: “Planet League is a brilliantly important concept – harnessing the passion of football fans to deliver environmental behaviour change. 

“Lovely new brand design, and even lovelier clients.”

Tom Gribbin, CEO, Planet League said: “The Corner has delivered the perfect ball into the box and then smashed it in the top corner. It’s played a stormer. With speed, guile and creativity it has transformed our brand and propelled us into the big leagues.”

The Planet League’s next tournament begins in October, so now is the time to sign up and take action for your football club and the planet.