The Last Safety Feature: Hyundai campaign tackles carbon neutrality


Jung von Matt NECKAR has launched a global campaign for Hyundai, titled The Last Safety Feature which tackles the pressing issue of carbon neutrality head-on.

This campaign brings to the forefront a critical message: amidst the plethora of safety features present in modern vehicles, none can shield us from the catastrophic impacts of climate change.

The outdoor, print, and social media campaign harnesses the power of striking images, showcasing vehicles impacted by the escalating effects of climate change.

The Last Safety Feature

For example: cars submerged by floods, a truck overturned in a blizzard, vehicles burnt out by wildfires or sunk by sandstorms, all highlight Hyundai’s various safety features, but make the point that they won’t save us from climate change.

The line “that’s why we are going carbon neutral,” appears in each execution.

All the photography used comes from real life photographs sourced from both news reports and environmental journals.

The creative team at Jung von Matt searched through more than 25,000 images in order to create the campaign, which the agency believes is a profound reflection on the current state of the automotive industry and the world at large and underlines how Hyundai is taking a stand with a significant shift in narrative, emphasising that achieving carbon neutrality is not just an option, but a necessity for the ultimate safety of our planet.

It’s a call to action for industry leaders and individuals to recognize the importance of sustainable practices. In an era where technology has reached unprecedented heights, this campaign serves as a reminder that our greatest achievements must include safeguarding the environment.

Andreas Brunsch, Managing Director, JvM NECKAR, said: “What has been truly commendable about this campaign is Hyundai’s straightforward tone.

“They are candidly acknowledging that while their innovations and those of the autonomous industry are impressive, they pale in comparison to the larger issue of climate change.”

Hyundai is investing heavily to become carbon neutral by 2045. In advancing this project, the company has conducted numerous business initiatives aimed at helping to achieve this goal.

As an automaker, Hyundai takes action to address climate change and foster innovative solutions – for a carbon-neutral future.

The campaign is running globally in markets including Germany, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, and India.

It features a blend of traditional and digital advertising elements, including billboards, print ads, and engaging social media content.

This strategic approach ensures a comprehensive reach, effectively targeting audiences across various touchpoints.