The Labour Party wins UK election – industry reactions


The Labour Party swept to victory in the UK election, bringing to a decisive end 14 years of Conservative rule.

It was a crushing end to the leadership of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, as Labour leader and now Prime Minister in waiting, Sir Keir Starmer prepares to lead the nation.

Here’s how the media and marketing industry have been reacting to the General Election result…

paul-bainsfair-ipaPaul Bainsfair, Director General, IPA

“We are pleased to welcome a new Labour government and look forward to working with it to progress our mutual success.

 “We very much hope that it will implement its comprehensive Creating Growth Plan for the Arts, Culture and Creative Industries, as delivered at its Labour Creatives Conference in March.

“Earlier this year, the IPA set out the policy areas that we would ask a new Government to focus on, and are pleased to note that a number of these align with Labour’s Plan.”

“And the IPA will continue to make the case for the highly successful and internationally renowned self and co-regulatory system, overseen by the ASA.

“If the UK’s advertising industry is to continue to thrive, it needs to be allowed to innovate without unnecessary legislative intervention.”

Christie Dennehy-Neil, Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs IAB UK

“The incoming government represents not only a change but a valuable opportunity to take stock and reassess how to address challenges within the online ecosystem.

“We’re calling on Labour not to automatically pick up where the Conservatives left off when it comes to making policy decisions about further regulation of digital advertising, and to take time to carefully interrogate the evidence and define its priorities.

“We’re looking forward to working with the new Government and our members to continue to evolve the regulatory framework in an evidence-based and proportionate way.

“It’s in everyone’s interests to strike the right balance between managing the risk of consumer harm and supporting the UK’s digital advertising industry – and the wider digital economy that it drives – to thrive.”

Richard-pinder-the-hungerRichard Pinder, CEO, The Hunger

“We’ve known for more than 12 months that the next election would lead to a Labour win.

“Nothing that happened in the (very traditional comms) campaign made the slightest difference to the numbers between the two big parties.

“So far so expected.

“The unexpected part was what happened to the others.

“The LibDems ran a quirky but very effective campaign based around stunts that were relevant, witty and impactful.

“Reform was also surprisingly effective, using the fame of their leader.  Both using social and PR, not traditional comms.

“Demonstrating very graphically the power of non traditional approaches to building brands today.”

TOM-stone-reactTom Stone, co-Founder, re:act

“Labour’s landslide victory is set to bring significant changes to the UK’s marketing sector.

“I think one of the interesting things about any government that gets in is they often say the first 100 days will actually dictate what the next election looks like.

“With Labour’s focus on reducing the voting age, their digital and social strategy will be crucial in engaging younger audiences over the next three months.

“Expect to see a robust and dynamic content plan rolled out swiftly.

“For the marketing industry, TikTok’s fate is a major concern. Keir Starmer’s centrist approach has kept him from making drastic changes to business rates and marketing regulations, but the potential UK TikTok ban, influenced by the American presidential race, remains a critical issue.

“Historically, Labour governments have leaned towards increased regulation and civil servant involvement in digital media.

“This trend could lead to new regulations or taxes affecting the industry.

“The coming months will be decisive in shaping the future of marketing under the new government.”