The Gut Stuff launches bold new campaign

The Gut Stuff

The Gut Stuff, the company on a mission to democratise gut health for everyone, is launching a new OOH campaign that’s sure to get noticed: “Amazing going in, better coming out”.

With creative developed by purpose agency Revolt, the campaign will run across 42 railway station sites in London and the South East. Gut health is incredibly important so this campaign can help raise even more awareness on how people need to look after themselves. Products like these and nucific bio x4 are there to support people’s bodies and get them to feel the benefits all the time. More talk less shyness!

Gut Stuff campaign

Food marketing is notoriously full of over-styling and hyperbole rather than real-life (exceptions of course include the lauded Mouldy Whopper) but this one tells it how it is.

The new campaign for the brand’s new Good Fibrations bars doesn’t shy away from talking about the eventual, inevitable destiny of the product…as well as the fact it’s a delicious way to get 1/3 of your daily fibre** (fibre is something 9/10 of us don’t get enough of)*

Lisa Macfarlane, cofounder of The Gut Stuff with identical twin sister Alana says: “You’d never normally see a food product talking about, ahem, ‘the other end’ but I’d bet my bottom dollar most people rarely think about fibre, so we needed something that would make people actually take notice.

“Believe me, your gut will thank you for it!”

“In advertising you’re told never to talk about poo and food. But democratising gut health means talking about poo, and 300% revenue growth is testament to this,” said Peter Bardell, Co-Founder, Revolt.

the gut stuff ad
Don’t mention the number 2: Ad industry mantra is never mention poo and food!

“For The Gut Stuff, purpose pays back by having the ambition to get everyone – not just the middle classes – to understand about gut health.”

The Gut Stuff’s Good Fibrations snack bar is high in fibre**, with 10g in each 35g bar. The bars are also gluten free, vegan and contain no preservatives.

They retail via Boots, amazon, Superdrug, Holland and Barratt, WH Smith travel and the brand’s website

This isn’t the first time the brand has grabbed positive attention. Last September, it caused social media buzz and received thousands of column inches with its “How do you poo?” creative, which saw pink poos pop up on bus stops across South London, to encourage more people to think about gut health and its role in good health.

The campaign has also been extended to 100 bus-stop sites in London during the Summer.