The Frameworks launches GEMA “Small AI” tool as election aid


Leading business consultancy, The Frameworks, today announced the launch of its latest innovation, GEMA (General Election Manifesto Assistant), a cutting-edge “Small AI” tool designed to demonstrate the power of AI in helping create meaningful personalised experiences.

GEMA AI tool

Combined, the major UK party manifestos add up to more than 1,258 pages of arguments and promises, a total of 332,000 words.

Consuming such a vast amount of data is a big ask for undecided voters looking to fully understand each party’s goals ahead of election day.

For an AI, though, it’s a breeze.

Realising that even the most politically savvy consumer would struggle to comprehend all the information, The Frameworks created GEMA. It harnesses the power of AI to process extensive volumes of content, providing personalised responses to individual queries about party promises.

The tool aims to demonstrate that AI can be used to simplify the most complex situations we face day-to-day.

Its rapid development and meaningful outputs are evidence of The Frameworks’ commitment to Small AI: creating discrete, tactical AI applications that can rapidly integrated into digital workflows and experiences.

Chris Beavis, Partner and Head of Business Development and Digital at The Frameworks, commented on the launch: “In this election period, more than ever, the political landscape is marked by increased noise and polarisation.

“Information bombards us from social media, TV, radio, and more. And information is one thing AI is good at.

“We didn’t create GEMA to be the saviour of British politics, more of a demonstration of the power of Small AI in creating insightful, personalised experiences. In this case, for a bit of fun, we have applied it to the election, but there are a million other ways to use Small AI to improve experiences and for business and brands to improve engagement as a result.

“Small AI is just one way we’re helping businesses reinvent themselves and the way they engage with their audiences. And the fact that we turned GEMA around in just a couple of days shows just how rapid that reinvention can be.”