The Elephant Room launches PUMA campaign for girls, shaped by girls


Award-winning creative agency The Elephant Room has elevated the voices of young people through a new campaign and series of events for PUMA. 

The platform, centred on a female focus, will encourage young people to defy expectations whilst instilling in them the confidence to be who they want to be and show up as their real selves.

PUMA campaign

Elephant Room created a campaign that would connect with the realities of being a girl in the era of social media. 

Being a teenage girl is more difficult than it seems, expectations of who they are meant to be are often projected long before they are able to decide for themselves. 

The PUMA Mayze Stack campaign ‘Here. We can be’, aims to give them a platform, literally and figuratively, to be themselves, as they are.

The European campaign consists of retail comms, photography, social films and a unique ‘Listening Party’ experience in London and Paris, where girls and non-binary individuals are invited to share a space with incredible musical artists. 

As well as performing live the music artists will discuss their own experiences of youth and personhood. 

And everyone attending will have access to the mic and will be heard. As well as sharing and listening, attendees can gain advice and discuss styling their PUMAs.

Musical artists Le Juiice, Amaria BB, Bellah and Sha Simone will be leading the campaign as well as performing, talking, taking questions, and listening to the audience as they all share their thoughts on the pressures and anxieties they face today. 

The campaign will run in JD stores across Europe as well as on the JD and Puma social channels including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Exhausted by not being heard and fighting to be seen, the new PUMA Mayze Stack is designed to give young girls a stage that is both stylish and shaped by bold simplicity, so they’re able to be whoever they want to be.

Shannie Mears, Co-founder of The Elephant Room, said: “Being challenged to work out what is happening in the lives of young women, meant listening to the research, and making sure those voices felt heard. 

“Our artists are an amazing example of just being real and true to what they do. Collectively, we thought this was an important campaign to work on.”

Nina Taylor, Creative Director of The Elephant Room said:Being a teenage girl is more difficult than ever, with a relentless pressure to show up or act in a certain way. 

“The campaign ‘Here. We Can Be.’ gives young women a platform and space to be themselves, whoever they are, wherever they’re at. 

“Our music artists were central to the storytelling, inspiring our audience through their own lived experience.