Tesla rival enters space race with the launch of Dacia Dustar

dacia dustar

Having mastered the best value car on earth, Romanian carmaker Dacia has devised an initiative that is truly out of this world, turning its ingenious skills to space travel with the Dacia Dustar car, which will launch into space via livestream at 09:00am BST on 1 April.

OK, it may only be a toy car, but the venture marks one giant leap into affordable space travel for Dacia, reflecting the brand’s smart sense-of-humour.

Dacia Dustar

Boldly going where no other car brand has gone before, Vivaldi UK has devised, created and executed the campaign on behalf of Dacia, which includes a week of social take-over during which they will tease its first ever launch into space, complete with countdown video, which will play out across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

The video concludes with the message: “No fooling. We can do a lot, with a little’ – and in reality we’ve sent a toy Duster into space.”

Adam Wood, Marketing Director, Dacia UK said: “With a clear mission to become the most positively disruptive car brand in the UK, we are excited to be embarking on this new venture into affordable space travel and to be launching our first ever car – albeit a small one – into space.”

Lauren Moody, Director at Vivaldi UK added: “At Vivaldi we start with the audience and their lifestyles in building out solutions; for Dacia, their audience are smart, pragmatic and not afraid to go against the grain. 

“Dacia’s dry-witted attitude and ability not to take itself too seriously means the brand is uniquely placed to execute a hoax idea around April Fool’s Day, and with this campaign we hope to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who shares in Dacia’s smart sense-of-humour.”

The April Fool’s campaign follows Dacia’s no-nonsense, social-first campaign “Not Every Other Car”, which launched in January to introduce two new model upgrades coming to the market this year: the Dacia Sandero and Dacia Sandero Stepway. 

The creative campaign challenged the status quo by poking fun at the style of other car adverts, while highlighting the hard work and thinking that has gone into to the new Sandero models.