Tesco Ireland marks 25th anniversary by celebrating agri suppliers


To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Tesco Ireland has launched a campaign, developed with BBH Dublin, featuring the retailer’s suppliers from the Irish agri-food industry at a rural festival.

Tesco campaign

The ‘25 Years of little helps’ campaign runs for three weeks on TV, VOD, cinema and social, highlighting the long-standing relationships the retailer has with both their local suppliers, colleagues, and customers over the years. 

It marks BBH Dublin’s debut work for the retailer since the agency opened its Dublin office in May with Tesco as its founding client.

The campaign heroes Tesco’s suppliers by shining a light on them, enabling consumers to recognise their efforts by seeing first-hand how they keep Tesco Ireland’s shelves stocked with the best local produce. 

Starting off, the spot opens with a man and his dog getting ready for the party before the camera pans out to feature a bustling street filled with suppliers and their produce, as they make their way to a field where celebrations are taking place and where mouth-watering food is being prepared. 

The spot ends with a shot of people sat at a table filled with Tesco food, which is being enjoyed by suppliers, colleagues and customers.

Tesco’s cast features a mix of real-life suppliers, including McCann Orchards Country Crest and Certified Irish Angus, alongside Tesco colleagues. 

During the shoot, suppliers and colleagues worked together to provide the produce, vehicles and accessorise their own uniforms.

The campaign’s social content delves into the stories of three Tesco suppliers, McCann Orchards, Country Crest and Certified Irish Angus, celebrating the enduring partnership between supplier and retailer.

Sam Caren, BBH Creative Lead, said: “Tesco’s business is inherently human so for our first piece of work with Tesco, we wanted to bring this to life by featuring real-life suppliers, humour and local insight. 

“We hope it changes the way Irish shoppers view the food in their cupboards.”

Cathal Deavy, Customer Director Tesco Ireland, said: “We’ve spent 25 years forging relationships with local suppliers in order to bring their food to Irish tables and we want to celebrate that as we mark 25-years of Tesco Ireland.”