Terre des Hommes turns to fashion for campaign against sexual violence


To raise awareness on the increasing sexual violence against girls in Italy, Terre des Hommes and ACNE urge people to put themselves in victims’ shoes with the saddest clothing collection ever.

Terre des Hommes campaign

The campaign introduces the #InDifesa Collection, a collection of torn and ruined clothes that tell the alarmingly growing stories of violence against girls and young women in Italy.

Of course shoppers can’t buy them, but they can donate to support projects against rape culture.

The non-profit organisation Terre des Hommes presents its annual #InDifesa report on trends in sexual violence against minors in Italy, and it is shocking: Up 44% in the last 10 years, 1,603 abuses in the country in 2022, 88% of which were against girls and young women.

It is dramatic data, echoing the news reports about rapes and harassment that continue to happen in the country.

That is why on International Day of the Girl Child, Terre Des Hommes sounded the alarm with #InDifesa Collection, the first clothing collection supporting young victims of sexual violence.

A collection of four girls’ and young women’s dresses that show the signs of violence, four high-impact visuals that invite reflection on the urgency of this issue and to stand on the side of the girls, as well as supporting projects against rape culture and in protection of victims with a donation.

The campaign, designed by ACNE, the creative agency from Deloitte Digital, with the collaboration of costume designer Giovanni Lipari and photographer Marco Vagnetti, allows everyone to show support on social media as well.

The invitation is to tear off a t-shirt -or to wear a ruined one- to show solidarity with those who have been abused, get on their side and say stop to justifications, silences and excuses that, in Italy, too often go with violent episodes.

“We keep reading it in the newspapers, the InDifesa dossier confirms it: that of violence against women continues to be a big problem in our country,” said Emanuele Viora, Executive Creative Director of ACNE.

“This is why we chose to create such a strong and direct campaign, trying to make the most of the power of communication to raise awareness about this issue.

“There is still a lot of work to be done and communication can play a crucial role in creating more awareness.”

Paolo Ferrara, Director General Terre des Hommes Italia, said: “Never as this year, the data we presented in the annual InDifesa dossier drawn our attention to the alarming situation we live in Italy.

“In 10 years, the crimes of sexual violence and aggravated sexual violence have increased by 44%, in 2022 more than 1,600 victims were recorded and 88% among them are girls.

“We are grateful to ACNE for choosing to stand with us again on this occasion and for producing a campaign that conveys a strong message of solidarity.

“We are committed to working with and for girls and boys so that they can be protagonists of a cultural change that makes our society more inclusive.”

So many influencers and VIPs have already participated in the campaign, inviting their audiences to do the same and donate.
Donations, collected on indifesa.org, will help #InDifesa projects by Terre des Hommes in fighting rape culture and protecting the rights and freedom of girls and young women.