Tech clothing brand Vollebak launches first virtual store in the metaverse

vollebak metaverse store - mediashotz

Tech-driven clothing brand Vollebak has created a concept store in Decentraland, which will go full live next month, created by R/GA London to mark the launch of the agency’s Direct to Avatar (D2A) capability.


The Vollebak concept store, built on a plot of virtual real-estate in Decentraland, will be a physics-defying experience that also offers an NFT wearable of the new Vollebak Mars Jacket. 

Moreover, the Jacket can be worn in-game and, or converted into the physical product through their website. 

The ownership of the virtual jacket will become a key to unlock future brand experiences in the metaverse.

R/GA’s new D2A capability unlocks an emerging commerce model that enables brands to sell products or experience directly to consumer’s avatars.

The agency believes the metaverse will be one of the most important innovations in e-commerce and retail this decade; experimentation and early adoption will lead to a significant business advantage for brands looking to connect with the next generation of consumers.

As the future of retail evolves, R/GA said it hopes its new D2A offering will be a key differentiator for clients looking to explore the creative and business potential of the many emerging virtual spaces. 

With some of the most progressive brands already monetising the metaverse, R/GA London sees itself as the right agency partner for brands who want to develop their D2A strategy and define what ‘avatar value’ they can offer.

“The metaverse is without doubt the next creative frontier for brands. It’s still a highly experimental space, so the scope for innovation is vast if you’re a progressive brand with a tech-loving audience”, said Nick Pringle, SVP Executive Creative Director R/GA London. 

“The early adopters’ advantage is very clear to both us and our friends at Vollebak, which is why we’ve invested in our D2A capability, and this project specifically.”

“Last year Vollebak stocked its clothing in the most remote shop on Earth in the middle of the Australian Outback. 

“So naturally its new store is in one of the most remote corners of Decentraland, and isn’t meant to be easy to find.”


Decentraland is a decentralised virtual platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain, opened to the public first in 2020. 

The store, which will officially open in November 2021, is being created in a 3D engine (Blender) and exported as a glTF file, including materials and textures, which will be directly imported into Decentraland. 

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Web of tomorrow: Decentraland is a metaverse which could be how we surf the web in a few year’s time.

The one of a kind store will be unimaginable in the physical world, building around visitors and metamorphosing to reflect different products. 

This new store is also the first phase leading up to Vollebak’s new website launch, coming in early 2022.

“We’re working on clothing and innovation that is designed to help us survive the next century – whether that’s exploring the most remote corners of Earth, unlocking new virtual worlds, or colonising Mars”, said Vollebak CEO Steve Tidball. 

“And working with an innovation partner like R/GA London has enabled us to start unlocking the potential of Direct to Avatar commerce by launching our first clothing built for Mars in a virtual store that defies the laws of physics.”

As part of its investment into metaverse, R/GA London will also be creating a ‘Head of Immersive’ role to expand on its D2A offering.