Tech brand Brightstar relaunches as Likewize in campaign by Ourselves

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Creative studio Ourselves has created a global campaign to announce the rebrand of mobile repair and recycling service Brightstar under its new name Likewize.

The relaunch is designed to increase awareness of the service and its crucial role in mobile connectivity. 


Likewize provides device insurance as well as repair and recycling of mobile phones for the likes of Apple and Samsung. 

Few users were aware of the Brightstar brand name and the important role the service plays. The rebrand aims to make the Likewize name well-known and build an emotional connection with mobile users.

The 60-second film created by Ourselves, which was appointed as lead creative agency in July, celebrates the role technology plays in our lives. 

The film, which will be shown online initially, looks at how reliant we have become on our mobiles and the difficulties that arise if a device stops working. 

A voiceover explains that Likewize works to reconnect people’s mobiles through repairs and also sells affordable, restored devices. The film finishes with the slogan: “Likewize. For a life uninterrupted.”

Making the content was only possible because of new technology. A film set was created entirely on screens – not dissimilar to ones we all use every day. 

The execution demonstrates the many touch-points and the important role of technology in our lives which, when it flows seamlessly and without interruption, is one of the most powerful and creative tools we have to reach people all over the world.

“This is the culmination of a massive amount of work, and very high quality work”, said Likewize Marketing Director, Jeremy Dale. 

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Rebrand: Brightstar in now Likewize.

Fundamental change

“We are not simply rebranding a company, we are fundamentally changing a company and positioning Likewize for the future.

“I loved the process and how enjoyable it was working together – it was always fun.”

Steven Bennett-Day, founder of Ourselves, said: “Likewize is a brand millions of people touch every day, but rarely see. 

“They keep the world’s technology protected, and all of us connected. We are helping them stand for something with their end user, to step out from being purely a B2B service for the world’s biggest technology manufacturers.”

The film was directed by Christopher Ranson/ Just So.

Likewize works with carriers, retailers and enterprises in 57 countries and delivers one in every 23 mobile devices sold worldwide. 

The company offers covers the entire lifecycle of mobile devices and helps mobile businesses get closer to their customers by allowing them to offer an end-to-end service.