Teads partners with IAS to enhance brand suitability capabilities


Teads, the global media platform, has enhanced its brand suitability and contextual advertising offering through a partnership with Integral Ad Science, a global leader in digital media quality. 

The partnership, which will see Teads integrate IAS’s Context Control solution for avoidance, will ensure advertisers avoid content deemed unsuitable for their brand. 

Available globally, advertisers can use Teads’ Ad Manager to access IAS’s curated list of contextual segments and optimise their programmatic display and video ad campaigns on a pre-bid basis.

IAS’s cognitive semantic technology solution uses natural language processing (NLP) to dynamically comprehend the nuances of context. Unlike many other brand suitability options, IAS’s platform can determine the sentiment and emotion of content, which enables a more precise classification. 


Results so far have generated Teads’ clients up to a 99% suitability pass rate for their ad impressions. 

And by only blocking the specific content that a brand considers unsuitable, the partnership will enable Teads to maximise the scale of ad campaigns, as well as support quality journalism by avoiding wasted ad opportunities.

As 78.8% of European marketers say they are concerned or very concerned about brand safety when buying digital advertising, this collaboration between Teads and IAS will provide brands with the confidence that their ads are being delivered in safe and suitable environments, with fully accurate, scalable coverage across display and video formats.

With the option to select 200+ optimised IAS contextual avoidance segments, Teads’ clients will have increased control around content adjacencies and will be able to avoid impressions against certain topics, including content deemed risky or harmful by a brand. In addition to the contextual segments, clients using IAS can also apply custom brand suitability profiles within Teads Ad Manager.

This comprehensive integration avoids wasting inventory as filtering is done upfront, pre-bid, and therefore allows selecting another ad for which the content is suitable. In this way, publishers are able to better monetise their inventory.

Barbara Dang, EMEA Media & Global Fragrances Communication Director, Shiseido Company, said: “As a luxury brand, the quality of the media environments our ads are seen in is of critical importance to our digital advertising strategy. 

“A key part of that is maintaining close control of the content our advertising is placed adjacent to, without compromising on the potential scale of reach. 

“Being able to integrate IAS’s latest solution within the Teads platform enables us to achieve both of these goals, giving us ultimate peace of mind for brand suitability whilst still achieving outcomes for the business.”

Remi Cackel, Chief Product Officer at Teads, said: “We’ve seen a sharp increase recently of marketers who are more conscious than ever of the sustainability of their media strategies. 

“This partnership with IAS gives advertisers far greater control over their content adjacencies, layering third-party solutions on top of Teads’ quality inventory. 

“By providing clients with the optimum level of brand suitability and the ability to serve campaigns at scale to reach more consumers, we are continuing to build trust and provide safe solutions for brands. 

“This integration with IAS will increase support for quality journalism, providing a better outcome for all.”

Yannis Dosios, Chief Commercial Officer at IAS, said: “We’re pleased to integrate our Context Control solution for avoidance within Teads’ platform, giving advertisers greater customisation of their campaigns by analysing the sentiment and emotion of a page. 

In a cookieless environment, it also helps drive monetisation for publishers by advertisers  avoiding content that is only unsuitable on a pre-bid basis, while maximising scale compared to a keyword-only or brand safety approach.”