Teads launches virtual training programme

teads academy

Global media platform Teads has launched an online academy to help industry professionals gain in-depth knowledge across a raft of industry subjects.

Teads Academy

The Teads Academy is an exclusive programme containing a collection of training modules led by experts and designed for a better understanding of the technologies, trends and insights that make Teads a unique player in the market.

The premium educational platform will allow clients and partners to learn from experts as they cover core industry subjects such as brand safety, quality journalism, cookieless targeting, predictive AI, creative optimisations and more.

The online advertising ecosystem is ever-changing with new technologies, measurement tools, trends and challenges emerging on a daily basis.

Teads’ signature initiative will convene the brightest minds and equip advertisers with the latest turnkey knowledge to stay abreast of industry trends and at the vanguard of their competition.

Actionable Training

Anyone interested can become an expert on Teads fundamentals with the help of a compilation of courses offered in multiple languages and covering industry topics such as programmatic, data, innovation, creative optimisation, and more. They need just to ask for access. It’s free!

Interactive Quizzes

The platform allows users to test their industry knowledge with interactive quizzes including topics covered in each training module.

Get Certified

Upon completion of  each course,  users can collect their certification badges to add to their LinkedIn profile.

“Brands and advertisers can expect to walk away with new skills to improve the efficiency of their budgets, optimize reach and scale, and boost effectiveness of ROI,”  said Jeremy Arditi, Chief Commercial Officer at Teads.

“Due to the great success and positive market response of our signature online webinar, we decided to open Teads Academy because we believe it can  be valuable for advertisers to arm themselves with the knowledge tools to stay ahead in the marketplace.”