Teads launches Scope3 powered carbon emission measurement


Teads, the global media platform, today announced its new built-in carbon emissions reporting in Teads Ad Manager powered by leading sustainability platform Scope3.

End-to-end CO2 measurement in Teads Ads Manager

The latest offering, which is now integrated into the industry’s first cookieless platform, gives advertisers and agencies a holistic understanding of their CTV and omnichannel campaign emissions with comparison to global benchmarks.

This pioneering campaign measurement solution will guide partners on their sustainability journey to decarbonise the digital media ecosystem.

Remi Cackel, Chief Product Officer, Teads said: “Our new collaboration with Scope3 not only raises the bar in digital advertising measurement but empowers advertisers with unprecedented transparency.

“This integration takes our leadership in SPO and directness one step further, enabling our partners to optimally measure end-to-end and drive sustainable business outcomes.”

Within Teads Ad Manager, emissions monitoring is now available across four emission sources: Media Distribution measuring emissions associated with the delivery of media content, including the infrastructure used by the publisher; Ad Selection that reports total emissions of the advertising parties involved to select an ad; Creative Distribution that evaluates associated emissions, including data transfer and vendors; and Consumer Device that reports emissions associated with the consumer’s mobile, desktop or TV, including device manufacturing and electricity consumed during the media and ad experience.

Brian O’Kelley, Co-Founder and CEO, Scope3, said: “Having Scope3’s carbon footprint measurement directly in Teads Ad Manager allows advertisers to make actionable decisions with emissions data, and complements the initial Scope3 assessment analysing over 500 domains from earlier this year discussing key benefits of Teads’ direct inventory.

“Working with Teads means working directly with publishers and responsibly sourcing media.”

Teads leverages its direct integrations with publishers to offer premium inventory that yields a 35% average reduction in ad selection emissions, based on a November 2023 emissions evaluation using Scope3 on 2.5 billion impressions delivered globally.

As a result, brands working with Teads to measure their full media plan have access to a greater level of transparency to easily determine the most direct link to supply and optimize efficiency in terms of carbon emissions compared to other platforms.

Martin Bryan, Global Chief Sustainability Officer at IPG Mediabrands, said: “This integration is a step forward as we work to understand the emissions that are generated from digital media.

“Having collaborated with Teads on their sustainability mission, underpinned by their top position in directness, brands and agencies will benefit from premium publisher inventory even more with access to Scope3’s industry-leading reporting.”

Teads’ category leadership in directness was recently ranked by Jounce Media as number-one among omnichannel SSPs/exchanges.

The new Scope3 integration is the latest step in Teads’ commitment to helping its partners achieve full funnel success, embracing premium environments, data driven messaging and evidence based creative.

In using Scope3 measurement globally, Teads brings sustainable advertising practices to the forefront of the industry and continues its focus on reducing the environmental impact of digital advertising and promoting transparency in ad delivery.